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How much does an oven clean cost?

We pride ourselves on offering a superb service which represents best value for money. Because every oven is different, our service is flexible, and our pricing reflects the time, expertise and appropriate cleaning methods to achieve the best result possible

The pricing schedule below is a guide only for the two types of cleaning service we offer and is the base price or ‘from’ price as heavy deposits require additional time and/or cleaning materials and will incur additional cost.

Gold Standard Deep Clean for ovens that have not been professionally cleaned previously and have more than a year’s worth of grease and carbon deposits.

Silver Standard Refresh Clean for ovens that have had a professional clean within the previous 12 months and/or have a lighter build up of grease and carbon deposits

With each Gold or Silver Standard oven clean the Cook-top, Canopy/extractor and Microwave may be given a Refresh clean and polish that will incur a small additional cost; however, if these items have heavy deposits of oils, fats and carbon this is likely to cost as in the pricing schedule of Deep Clean Additions. Degreasing of surrounding surfaces, splash-backs is usually included.

For a more accurate pricing that reflects the type and condition of your oven, all additional items including cook-tops, canopies/extractors, combination and microwave ovens, BBQ’s etc please use the BOOKING REQUEST FORM on the HOW TO BOOK page. Click here for our special POPULAR DEEP CLEAN DISCOUNT PACKAGES

Standard 60cm width ovens

REFRESH SINGLE DOOR OVEN 60cm, fitted electric/roof element
REFRESH DOUBLE DOOR/ SLOT IN STOVE 60cm (one main oven & one smaller oven grill)
DEEP CLEAN SINGLE DOOR OVEN 60cm, fitted electric/roof element
DEEP CLEAN DOUBLE DOOR/ SLOT IN STOVE 60cm (one main oven & one smaller oven grill)

Twin oven cleaning

REFRESH TWIN OVENS 2x fitted 60cm Single electric/roof element
DEEP CLEAN TWIN OVENS 2x fitted 60cm Single electric/roof element

Range style 90cm ovens

REFRESH RANGE 90cm Single Door
REFRESH RANGE 90cm 2-3 ovens + grill
DEEP CLEAN RANGE 90cm Single Door
DEEP CLEAN RANGE 90cm 2-3 ovens + grill

Deep clean additions (booked with main oven clean)

COOK-TOP 60cm 4 burner/hotplate
COOK-TOP 90cm 5/6 burner/hotplate
CANOPY/ EXTRACTOR 60cm x 60cm inc clean filters
CANOPY/ EXTRACTOR 90cm x 60cm approx inc filters
From $40
BENCH TOP OVEN- Combination/ Microwave
$20 (+ parts)
From $5

Popular deep clean discount packages

Single 60cm oven + Cook-top + Extractor/ Canopy
Double/Slot in 60cm Oven + Cook-Top + Extractor/ Canopy
Range Style 90cm Oven + Cook-Top + Extractor/ Canopy

Additional general cleaning (booked with main oven clean)

Degreasing, general surface cleaning and glass cleaning

Window cleaning (booked with main oven clean)

In association with Mantaray Professional Window Cleaning

Upon request a detailed and receipted invoice will be emailed when payment is made by internet bank transfer.

What’s included in our oven clean?

As standard, our oven clean includes all of the following:

All visible internal and external surfaces

Fitted and removable panels

Shelf supports, racks, shelves, grill pan and trivets

Removal and splitting of door/s (where possible) to clean all glass surfaces

Clean and check seals, light covers, hinges, control panel and knobs

There may be additional costs for non standard/larger appliances, for the removal of heavy deposits, for the complete dismantle/reassembly of fitted items such as doors, fitting hinges, resealing glass, and for minor repairs or replacement of parts.